Tentative Seniority list of Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) & Librarians (AGP Rs. 9000/-, 8000/-, 7000/- & 6000/-) as on 1.01.2024 Circular No. 01 HE of 2024 Dated: 15-01-2024.
Online Classes in Govt. Degree Colleges Kashmir Division Circular No.:- 06-JK(HE) of 2023 Dated :- 30-11-2023
Inquiry Report in respect of Fire Incident at Civil Secretariat, Jammu on 28.12.2022. Circular No:- 02-JK(HE) of 2023 Dated:- 04.05.2023
DO letter to all College Principals dated 01-07-2022 regarding Making 2022 the year of Academic Excellence and Circulars.
Online filing of APRs of Gazetted Officers-reg. Circular No.02- Dated 02-06-2022
Employee Performance Monitoring portal-reg Dated 09-05-2022
Deposition of Identity cards/NOC in favour of Employees of Civil Secretariat-reg
Visit of faculty members or principals outside the Country-Instructions thereof
Selection list for the posts of Assistant Professor, Computer Application in Higher Education Department-reg Circular No. 10-JK(HE) of 2021
Selection list for the posts of Assistant Professor, Human Genetics in Higher Education Department-reg Circular No. 09-JK(HE) of 2021
Selection list for the posts of Assistant Professor, Public Administration in Higher Education Department-reg Circular No. 07-JK(HE) of 2021
Selection list for the post of Assistant Professor, Information Technology (IT) in Higher Education Department-reg Circular No. 06-JK(HE) of 2021
Selection list for the post of Assistant Professor, Urdu in Higher Education Department-reg Circular No. 05-JK(HE) of 2021
Selection list for the posts of Assistant Professor, English in Higher Education Department Circular no: 04-JK(HE) of 2021
Streamlining of the Arbitration cell/Montoring of the Arbitration matters
Information of Associate/Assistant Professors of Govt. Degree Colleges. Circular Dated 10/02/2021
Celebration of 70 years of Indian Constitution Circular No. 03-JK(HE) of 2020
Release of funds in favour of designated Nodal Principals for newly established Colleges of UT of Jammu and Kashmir Circular No. 01-HED/2020
Notifying of seniority list of members of J&K Education (Gazetted) college service, class-I category B as on 01-01-2020 Circular No. 01 HE of 2020
Tentative Seniority list of Class-II Category-A of Associate Professors in the Grade of-9000 Circular No. 02 HE of 2020
Circular 02-HE of 2019
Principals of different Colleges are directly addressing letters and representations to Hon'ble Advisor (G) to Hon'ble Governor.
Punctuality in Government Offices/Organizations implementation of Bio-metric Attendance System
Higher Education Department organized Induction/Orientation programmes, at Institute of Advanced Studies in Education Srinagar and Govt. College of Education Jammu
Admissions for forthcoming academic session, a specialized cell shall be constituted in all Govt. Degree Colleges
All GDC Principals are directed to submit major one or two activities undertaken in their respective colleges along with photographs
All GDCs/GCETs of J&K state are directed to register on http://spoken-tutorial.org/
Faculty of all Degree Colleges of J&K State are required to submit research papers
Circular for new appointees
Ban on Private Tultions by the College Teachers.
Verification of character and antecedents of newly appointed Assistant Professors
Aadhar Based Biometric Identification and Skill Profiling of (CSLWs)
Circular Dated:13-03-2017
Official websites for Government Degree Colleges of J&K State
Accessibility for specially-abled students in Universities and affiliated Colleges.  
Engagement of Local Fund Employees  
Distance Mode Degrees in Science and Engineering Subjects-Recognition thereof.   
College Development (Pool) Fund Rules ,1999  
Calender For Winter Summer vacation for Govt. Degree Colleges  
Guidelines for operation of Local Funds  
Constitution of J & K State Advisory Council for Higher Education Department.  
Establishment of State Level Quality Assurence Coordination Commitee (SLQACC) and Quality Assurence   
Edu/ Plan-H/ 0249/ 2009  
Circular 1  
Circular 2   
Circular 3   
Circular 4   
Circular 5   
Circular 6   
Circular 7   
Circular 8   
Circular 9   
Circular 10   
Circular 11   
Circular 12   
Circular 13   
Circular 14   
Circular 15   
Ban on Private Tuition of the college teachers   
Delegation of Powers   
Detention on duty of college lecturer   
Enhancement of wages in favour of College Local Fund Employees of Colleges.   
Increase of Daily Wages of Daily Wager Earners   
Nomination of Public Information Officer under Right to Information Act, 2009-Furnishing of particul  
Opening of New Colleges - Admission of students.   
Permission for attending meeting/ conferences outside State.   
Permission for perusing Part-time reasearch programme by the college lecturers.   
Revised Work Load for College Teachers.   
Stepping up of pay/scale of pay and processing thereof.