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    Press Conference of Minster for Education and Minister of State for Education ;Engagement of Lecturers/Teaching Assistants on academic arrangement basis in Kashmir Division Colleges for the year 2014-15 ; Format and Guidelines for Special Scholarship Scheme for J&K ; College Wise Student Roll, 2013-14;Ombudsman UGC Griveance Redressal Regulation 2012; Public notice UGC; Public importanat Notice for Spl Scholarship Scehme

Welcome to Department of Higher Education

J&K Higher Education Department is the controlling authority for all the Higher Education Institutions of the State It has 7 Universities and numerous number of Government. and Non Governmentt Colleges to look after . J&K State Higher Education Department has multifarous tasks to perform i.e Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the functioning of all the Institutions under its domain. It regulates Administrative, Academic, Quality and Monitory aspects of all the Government Institutions.